Our Mission

Cactus Montréal is an autonomous, nonprofit organisation which helps persons who use illicit drugs, or those with potentially risky sexual behaviour, to reduce the risks associated with those practices while improving their quality of life. Cactus eliminates barriers and the feeling of exclusion by open-mindedly welcoming those who need support, without judging their lifestyle choices. Since its inception, in 1989, Cactus contributes in a significant way to the improvement of public health by lowering the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections, while diminishing other ill-effects associated with drugs and risky sexual practices.

Cactus Montréal addresses itself to:

  • People who use illicit drugs;
  • Youth who live on the street;
  • Transvestite and transsexual persons;
  • Sex-trade workers.
Essential points – Cactus:
  • Is an open-minded team that puts human beings first;
  • Creates and maintains close ties with the neighbourhood and community organisations;
  • Collaborates with public bodies and entities concerned by its activities;
  • Shares its expertise by accepting local and foreign resident workers studying disciplines related to its activities (social sciences, health, criminology etc.);
  • Takes a stand on critical topics, wherever it can contribute to the advancement of the causes it fosters, to a more enlightened collective reflection and to the elimination of taboos and prejudice.
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