Action Santé Travesties et Transsexuelles du Québec (ASTT(e)Q)

Finding Equilibrium in a New Identity

«To me, the evenings spent with the group are like a balm on my wounds.»
« I know that I’m not the only one to experience a transsexuality I did not ask for… »

ASTT(e)Q aims at promoting the health and well being of transvestites * and transsexual persons * living in Québec.

Besides answering on an individual basis the numerous questions of evolving persons, ASTT(e)Q organizes weekly group meetings. The key factor in these meetings is the involvement of the persons as it also ensures that they are truly representative. In the same way, activities including conferences, video projections, painting workshops and so on are also organized and animated by transvestites and transsexual persons. This constitutes a privileged moment to share, discuss and develop a social network.

Plus, 2 nights per week, a street worker shows up at different locations, which allows him to reach out to those persons who are not taking part in the support group. They offer support, prevention material and provide references to those who are looking for them.

« I found my doctor and my therapist through ASTT(e)Q and it allowed me to diminish the pain that comes with that transition a lot more than if I had done it alone. »

ASTT(e)Q aims at :
  • Facilitating the social integration of transsexual persons;
  • Educate the health and social services network regarding transsexuality;
  • Developing and strengthening the social support network for those people;
  • Provide information about the medical, social and economical aspects of transition;
  • Prevent HIV-AIDS, hepatitises and STIs (sexually – or through the blood – transmitted infections) amongst transvestite and transsexual persons.

For more information, please contact us at 514.847.8850.

Some comments from ASTT(e)Q participants:
  • ASTT(e)Q is the only place where I can be myself.
  • Thanks for the infos and the support during my transition.
  • I know that through ASTT(e)Q, I can find answers to my questions.
  • Thank-you, it's good to know you exist, I'm new in town.
  • The information and the answers were a revelation for me. I thought it was an impossible dream.
  • Thank-you, it's good to know you exist, I'm new in town.
  • I thought I was alone in the world.
  • When I found out that I was seropositive, you were the first phone call I made. Thank you.
  • I am as sex-trade worker and I know that I can come and see you and that you won’t judge me.
  • When I first came in town I went to the Montreal General Hospital, I did'nt feel comfortable there. The information available is excellent, thank you.
  • You know what ? I thought I was crazy !
  • Thanks for the info and the support all along my coming out with my parents.
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